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 できることから 始めよう!  Let's begin with what we can do!


当会について About us

 ① 山頂部での松枯れ対策や植樹と山道での風倒木整理など

 ② すそ野にある「嵯峨、竹の小径(こみち)」での穂垣補修や竹林整備
 ③ 六丁峠を中心とした小倉山北部での不法投棄撤去作業


We are striving to conserve the beautiful landscape and rich natural environment of Mt. Ogura in Western Kyoto, so that it may be enjoyed by future generations. Our activities include:

   1. Felling of diseased pine-trees and planting of replacements near the mountain summit and maintenance of footpaths including the removal of fallen trees.

   2. Bamboo brushwood fence repair and maintenance of the famous bamboo groves at the foot of Mt. Ogura.

   3. Collection of rubbish, especially that illegally tipped on the north side of Mt. Ogura beside Rokucho Pass.

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